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Tenwek Mission Hospital seeks to provide the highest level of care at the lowest possible cost to the patient, to do so, while continuing to grow and expand our mission in other areas, we rely on the generosity of donors to support new projects, patient funds and our missionary staff.  Please consider donating today, it may save a life tomorrow.

All donations to Tenwek Hospital are directed through World Gospel Mission.  Please follow the link provided to donate today!

Donate Today

Hospice Care

Support a patient on end-of-life hospice care

Family Medicine Residency Fund

Support a Family Medicine Resident, allowing them to live and train at Tenwek

General Surgery Residency Fund

Support a PAACS General Surgery Resident, allowing them to live and train at Tenwek.

Compassionate Surgical Fund

Many of our surgical patients are unable to afford the care and treatment that they need. The Compassionate Surgical Fund helps foot the bill for our needy surgical patients that otherwise would not get the necessary medical attention they need for a healthy and speedy recovery.

Medical Education Fund

Tenwek’s goal is to train for service, and that’s exactly what they do. We have over 36 trainees including Medical Students (Kenyan and Ex-patriate), clinical officers, medical officers and residents that are taught, counseled and mentored through rigorous programs in order to learn how excellent health care can be provided. Help us support the financial needs of our medical students and interns by giving here.

Medical Trainee Housing

Our trainees come from all over Kenya and East Africa, so Tenwek aims to support our trainee’s education by providing comfortable accommodations. Due to growth in our training programs, housing is often in short supply.  Support medical education at Tenwek by helping to build new housing for trainees; though one unit was completed in 2015, a second unit is still needed to house 30-40 trainees.

Needy Patient Fund

Because of our location in rural Kenya, we find that many of our patients are unable to pay their outstanding bills due to lack of financial means. The Needy Patient Fund assists those in great or have no other way satisfy their bills.

OB/GYN Fund:

Help cover the cost of a woman’s visit to the OB/GYN department.

Orthopedic Care Fund

From motorcycle accidents to elephant attacks, our orthopedic team stays extremely busy. Many of our patients come from rural Kenya and do not have sufficient funds to pay for their surgical needs. Donate to the Orthopedic Care Fund and help change a life!

Orthopedic Residency Fund

Created in order to support the first Pan-African Acacademy of Christian Surgeon’s (PAACS) first orthopedic residency program, the Orthopedic Residency Fund helps provide living situations and salary for our residents.

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