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Spiritual Ministry

Spiritual Ministry is a key pillar for Tenwek Hospital, all hospital operations and service to our patients are guided by Biblical principles of service and Christian values. We have a strong spiritual ministry that is multifaceted and works to bring Christ’s hope to those within Tenwek Hospital and within the surrounding communities. We do this through:

1. Hospital Chaplaincy Ministry

The hospital has at least 20 trained chaplains who serve in the different sections of the hospital to teach and instruct about the love of Christ while offering hope to the sick, the bereaved and encouragement to those who need it the most.

The chaplaincy department runs the following spiritual ministries:

  • 24/7 Bedside prayer and witness.
  • Distribution of Bibles
  • Daily Open-Air services at 10 AM in the courtyard
  • Comfort and spiritual care for grieving families
  • Funeral Services for the deceased
  • Home Visits with Tenwek Hospice palliative care
  • Counseling

2. AGC Bethesda

Africa Gospel Church Bethesda serves the Tenwek Hospital staff fraternity and the communities around the hospital. Through the church, staff get an opportunity to fellowship and worship as well as serve in the different church ministries. The church has an active youth ministry, women’s ministry and men’s ministry.

We also invest heavily in outreach and evangelical ministries as we take the whole Gospel to the whole world.

The church is open daily from morning to evening and both patients and staff are welcome to have a silent moment of prayer and worship.

Church Programmes

Tuesday 5:00pm – Bible Study

Thursday 7:00pm – Christian Union

Sunday 9:00am – Sunday Service

Karibuni Sana!

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