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Diana Chelang’at serves at Tenwek Hospital Community Health and Development as a nutritionist. She is placed in the Healthy Futures unit and her work mainly focuses on nutrition and agroecology targeting schools and churches. She encourages schools to implement feeding programs and actively engages in assessing the nutritional health of the students she interacts with. She also advises parents on what to feed their children. In her interactions in the community, Diana teaches the people how to grow healthy food crops, and how to prepare nutritionally balanced meals. 

Other than her work, Diana loves singing. She is a passionate singer, and she combines this with her passion for people to know how to eat and live well. She has written and recorded a lovely Swahili song encouraging people to eat well. Her song is called Lishe Bora. Listen to it here 

When Diana sings, people eat better. When she sings, they remember her words. “I may be limited in my work and may not travel wide, but my song is limitless. It goes where I cannot go” says Diana.

 Indeed- her song goes beyond the communities she is impacting today and will be remembered tomorrow. Tenwek is proud of you Diana. Keep singing! 

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